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Keeping corporate records intact is a pesky task for many business owners. They are generally spending their time juggling the demands of their company and have little energy or time to deal with yet another paperwork project. But keeping corporate minutes, also referred to as meeting minutes, is required by law, and falling behind in this critical task could jeopardize your corporation's liability protection, tax advantages and other corporate benefits.

It isn’t necessary to record every meeting, but it is important to have records of meetings that involve key decisions or key company activities. Here are some examples:

It is extremely important to keep excellent paper records. Over the life of your company, you will be asked on any number of occasions to provide evidence of Board approval of certain actions, whether in connection with the opening of an additional credit line, a seed round financing or on the eve of your initial public offering, when underwriters’ counsel really does want proof that the company was “duly incorporated” or backup supporting all those option grants over the years.

Many companies don’t have additional resources to devote to preparing and maintaining the Corporate Meeting Minutes. This is especially difficult for smaller and mid-sized companies where the Corporate Secretary role is fulfilled many times by a senior executives (typically the CFO or General Counsel) whose time is consumed by performing their regular day-to-day management responsibilities as they fulfill their primary executive roles. Smaller and mid-sized companies find it hard to justify hiring a full-time corporate secretary person.

Jonathan Robbins, Inc. can help solve your problem. We know all the legal needs to follow and you need only supply the pertinent information for your company and we can prepare all the necessary documentation for your meetings.

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